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Gemma Coe - Baby and Child Sleep Specialist

Working alongside you to create a tailored, thoughtful sleep plan for your little one.



Why may you want to work with a sleep consultant?


Is it just for those who are struggling and up five times a night? Simply put, no. I love to help those who are struggling but I also prepare parents-to-be and existing parents to help their baby sleep for longer, even if they are waking only once a night or wake early.

Some of my parents just don’t know which way to turn, they’re exhausted, they’ve tried "every trick in the book", they’re returning to work or a new sibling is soon to make an appearance. Other clients have co-slept and their sleep goals are around transition to the child's own bedroom, or they want to resolve ongoing catnapping issues and the associated over-tiredness.

There is so much conflicting advice out there, from books and podcasts to friends or relatives each believing they know best. How many times have you heard "just let them cry it out", to then be told that is no longer the best approach? Have you been told baby-led parenting is best, to then be told that you should dictate when and how everything happens?

I’ve studied the continuum of sleep training methods so I can support families with their individual choices and preferences. There is no judgement of your choices, we work together on your sleep goals. I’m here to advise and coach, guiding you with what’s realistic to expect for your child’s age and stage. 

The truth is, there is no 'one size fits all’ approach, each baby and each situation is unique and requires a tailored plan. I need to understand you, your family life, sleep environment and sleep goals. These need to be matched with your child, their developmental needs and temperament. During your sleep assessment I will discuss the challenges you’re currently facing, provide a written assessment and agree a plan for you to follow at home. Depending on the package you choose, I will then support you with implementing this and any challenges that arise by phone, email or even by your side at bedtime. I’ll act as your coach and mentor to give you the confidence that you can get your baby better rested and achieve the night's sleep you are dreaming of.

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Gemma Coe - Baby and Child Sleep Specialist


Gemma Coe

Having had a successful career in medical education, healthcare and teaching, I retrained as a sleep specialist when I became obsessed with my daughter's sleep needs. I find the biological and psychological aspects of sleep fascinating and love the opportunities that arise when helping families resolve and reclaim their nights. There are so many sleep training methods available and not all involve crying. 

I support families to-be plan and prepare for their little one's arrival. I also support families with ongoing sleep concerns. After an in-depth consultation and planning session I then support and empower families to take the steps they need to get better quality sleep and resolve their concerns.


I was so grateful to Gemma for the support she gave us with my 1 year old who was waking multiple times per night. Following her advice, we worked on a new nap schedule and despite me initially being sceptical Aoife could adapt to the big changes, Gemma’s knowledge on why the changes were necessary along with her enthusiasm and encouragement, Aoife adapted in no time and is now sleeping beautifully. Thank you

Clare, and Aoife (12 months)


I offer a range of services for all needs and budgets, including my free fortnightly advice 'sleep tips'. See my services page for details of my telephone support clinic and my tailored sleep plans. 



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